Pain-free breastfeeding in just a few days.

Find out more about the experiences of other mothers and midwives with LumiFem light therapy.

Dajana Klein, midwife from Greiz, writes:

"I'm very happy with the LumiFem light therapy. I use it almost exclusively with stressed nipples, which sometimes exhibit severe rhagades and blood leakage.

It is easy to use, and the light therapy is performed by the women themselves 2-5 times daily for 5 minutes, generally for 3-5 days. All of my mothers were very satisfied and found it to be pleasant. Sometimes I use LumiFem in combination with Lansinoh and Multi-Mam gel pads.

In 2010, when I became a mother for the second time, I tried LumiFem myself and can only confirm what my clients were saying. This time I didn't need any shields or expensive gel pads to heal my nipples, and I'm still breastfeeding.

It would be great if every hospital had a LumiFem in use on their maternity ward."

Claudia Röhrig, midwife from Guntersblum, writes:

"I use LumiFem for reddened, painful nipples and also in combination with Lansinoh for cracked and bleeding nipples. The mothers found it very easy to use.

With reddened nipples, there was a significant soothing of pain after just a few days and the redness faded visibly. Cracked nipples were fully regenerated after 10-12 days."

Esther Afraz, midwife from Goch, writes: 

"I have used LumiFem for a year now for sore and cracked nipples, usually twice a day for five minutes each time. The ease of use and the positive outcomes made LumiFem a popular treatment.

One new mother recently developed a pronounced, intensive hematoma, about two inches in size on the nipple and the entire areola, while her child was suckling directly after engorgement. We treated this painful injury with LumiFem also, in a four hour cycle over 24 hours.

Even eight hours after the first treatments, she reported significant improvement in her complaint and the hematoma was visibly smaller by the next day."

Kathrin Vorbrink, midwife from Ahlen, writes:

"I use LumiFem mainly for bleeding nipples. LumiFem can be used comfortably and without difficulty after each breastfeed, and every one of my patients likes how easy the device is to use.

In terms of healing, I receive consistently positive feedback; my patients love it. After 3-4 days the nipples are healed completely, and they can go back to breastfeeding without pain. I would not hesitate to recommend LumiFem to others."

Antje Ettrich, midwife from Bielefeld, writes:

"LumiFem gives my breastfeeding mothers with cracked, painful nipples a good chance of rapid healing. They use it as needed for about 5 minutes, 3-4 times a day, and for most of the women their nipples were significantly better or nearly completely healed after 3-5 days.

My mothers are happy and grateful for its ease of use and its quick, successful results."