LumiFem provides easy help for breastfeeding problems.

The key to success with LumiFem is quick and easy treatment when the affliction first develops. The handy device can be used either at home or away from home. The elastic nipple shields ensure correct positioning of the light emitting diode regardless of breast shape.
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One treatment takes only 5 minutes and is performed 3-4 times daily after breastfeeding, in either a sitting position or lying down. The therapy usually takes only a few days, subject to the severity of the inflammation and the stage at which treatment begins.

The elastic nipple shields fit any breast.


In addition to treating nipples already affected, LumiFem can also be used as a preventive measure so that soreness and cracking do not appear in the first place. The risk of infection from mastitis pathogens, which can enter the damaged skin, is thus reduced from the outset.

Very simple to use and extremely hygienic

Just fit the nipple shield onto the LED adapter, place it on your breast, and start the therapy with the push of a button—it couldn't be easier! The device switches itself off automatically after 5 minutes. The shields are disposable, with no need for cleaning. Simply use a new nipple shield for the next treatment. That stops germs and ensures best possible hygiene.

10 nipple shields are supplied with the device. They can be reordered in a pack of 20 or an economical pack of 50, allowing midwives to hire out the device with a new set of shields each time.

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Fit the adapter onto the nipple shield, place on the breast, start therapy

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